Nude Beauty

Nude Beauty x Isabel Raad is an innovative beauty and cosmetic brand based in Oslo, Norway. Our vision is to be a leading Nordic brand, delivering high-quality products and great value to our customers.

Isabel is her own entrepreneur and founder of her own clothing company, as well as a bestselling author now moving into the world of cosmetics and beauty.

Isabel chose to partner up with Beauty Rebels, who has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to developing and producing beauty products.

NUDE Beauty was inspired by her own beauty desires, looks and aspirations that she wanted to create on her own. Everything from her every day look to the ultimate night glam, Isabel aims to create a complete collection of innovative and modern products.


Natural ingredients mean natural results. We use the finest organic extracts in gentle formulas that nourish and care for your skin whilst you tan. Moisturized, hydrated skin means flawless results that fade naturally.

Always Natural, Always Hydrating, Always Flawless

Our products are hydrating, fast-drying and odorless. They have been created to feel like nothing on your skin and fade beautifully, just like a natural sun tan.


No matter your size, colour, gender, shape or age - Skin Proud is for you. Together, as a community, we can change the way we see skin.

Be proud of the skin you're in! 

Skin Proud believes in being transparent with easy to use products and straight to the point ingredients that are 100% vegan and clean.Whether you need to inject targeted moisture or control excess oil, there is innovation to suit every skin type within the range. Skin Proud expertly blends together science-led ingredients with powerful natural extracts to treat your skin, transparently.

BEAUTY REBELS represents beautiful and unique brands in the Norwegian market. We aim to represent brands that provide consumers with something extra. We are looking for exceptional stories, innovative formulas, or strong environmental dedication. Sometimes just because the products are so lovely, and we cannot do without in our everyday life.