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HAAR Nordic Science

 We are so proud to introduce our new brand, HAAR - Nordic Science! After investing considerable time in the development of these products, with rigorous testing, we are excited to announce their official launch! HAAR Botanical Growth is formulated to create optimal growth conditions by maintaining a healthy scalp, stimulating the hair follicles, and preventing hair loss. 


These trendy bottles are not only a fashion statement but also the ultimate solution for keeping your beverages icy cold or piping hot throughout the day. With a touch of sparkle and an array of vibrant colors, these bottles are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Bling Bling Bottles are equipped with state-of-the-art insulation technology, ensuring your cold beverages stay refreshingly chilled for up to 24 hours and your hot beverages remain steaming for up to 12 hours.


Nude Beauty x Isabel Raad is an innovative beauty and cosmetic brand based in Oslo, Norway. Our vision is to be a leading Nordic brand, delivering high-quality products and great value to our customers. Isabel is her own entrepreneur and founder of her own clothing company, as well as a bestselling author now moving into the world of cosmetics and beauty.

Isabel chose to partner up with Beauty Rebels, who has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to developing and producing beauty products.

The Lab Performance

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, we have created hundreds of popular beauty products for various brands. We collaborate with chemists and laboratories that produce makeup and skincare for some of the world's most renowned beauty brands. The Lab Performance is a collection of our own personal favourite products, focusing on active and effective ingredients that we have found to deliver the best results!  

CHRION [master of healing] 

Elevate your everyday experiences with products designed to nourish both your skin and soul. Chiron brings you a range of high-quality offerings crafted with a keen focus on performance and affordability. Our commitment to excellence has swiftly made Chiron a beloved brand within the Norwegian grocery sector. 

Beauty Rebels Motivational Water Bottles

Motivational Bottles have become a huge hype worldwide, and Beauty Rebels' festive and colorful bottles are extremely popular! These are drinking bottles with funny motivational quotes for different times of the day, designed to help you stay hydrated whether you have it at the office, in the classroom, or prefer to use it during your workout. Make hydration a bit more festive with a motivational bottle, or give it away as a unique and fun gift to someone you care about! 

Award-winning Danish sunscreen - protective and allergy-friendly

Derma Sun is an award-winning Danish range of pure, certified sun products for the whole family. Without perfume and dyes. The sunscreens are water-resistant and effectively protect against UVA and UVB rays. They are light in consistency and quickly absorb into the skin without feeling greasy. All of Derma's sun products are Swan-labeled, AllergyCertified, and recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic. They are also certified vegan by The Vegan Society. Derma Eco Baby Sun Lotion also carries - as one of the few - the organic Ecocert certification.

BEAUTY REBELS represents beautiful and unique brands in the Norwegian market. We aim to represent brands that provide consumers with something extra. We are looking for exceptional stories, innovative formulas, or strong environmental dedication. Sometimes just because the products are so lovely, and we cannot do without in our everyday life